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Biologist Ron Moen fitting a new collar on a moose.


"Where’s the best place to see moose in Minnesota?"

Biologist Ron Moen answers:

People have been asking that question recently, and the answer has changed over time. Previously, Highway 1 south of Isabella was a good location.

Now, probably the best place is the Gunflint Trail, County Road 12 out of Grand Marais. The trail is 57 miles of road that winds through Minnesota’s northern boreal forests, past glacial lakes, ending at Gull Lake, almost at the Canadian border.

Many of the sightings reports from the public are along roads and you can see there that moose are still seen along Highway 1 and also on Highway 2 north of Two Harbors.

You can’t just take a drive and expect to see a moose though. There just aren’t enough moose in Minnesota for that to happen. Over the last year, because of the moose website and because of the moose research projects, residents have been telling me that where they used to see moose often, now it is an unexpected occurrence.

Concern for this decline in moose sightings is there, both by the public and by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Many biologists are working to help understand what is happening to moose in Minnesota.