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Wetland Mitigation Banking

NRRI’s Fens Research Facility

NRRI manages a 525 acre peatland research facility near Zim, Minnesota.  It is called the Fens Research Facility (Fens).  For about 100 years, the Fens was used for agriculture, specialty crops, fuel peat production, short rotation forestry, sod production and numerous research projects. The peat soils have been intensively drained. With recent demand for “no-net-loss” wetland mitigation credits, the Fens became a candidate for peatland restoration to meet the credit demand. NRRI has entered into agreements with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) to establish several state wetland banks (400 acres) at the Fens. Peatland restoration techniques, developed by NRRI and Canadian research groups, are being used to return this acreage to a functioning peatland ecosystem. For more specifics, click here. (File size = 13MB. This may take some time to open.) When restored, the Fens will provide new wetland credits for deposit into the wetland banks. The credits will be used for wetland replacement mitigation following the loss of wetlands as a result of road construction in Northeast Minnesota.


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