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NRRI Peat Resources & Applied Wetland Rehabilitation Research Group

Map: Peat in Minnesota

NRRI’s peat researchers specialize in peatland/wetland restoration and creation, wetland mitigation banking, and assisting horticultural peat companies in acquiring state and federal regulatory permits to harvest peat.  The Peat Group’s mission is to promote environmentally sound economic development of this natural resource.


Peat is a prized resource ecologically and economically. Minnesota has some seven million acres of valuable peatlands with about two thousand acres currently harvested and sold for horticultural purposes. Strict regulations by state and federal agencies are in place to protect peat resources, and NRRI researchers help peat companies work within regulations to harvest this product for market.



Peatland/Wetland Restoration and Creation Research

Wetland Mitigation Banking

Permitting Horticultural Peat Operations

Minnesota Peat Association

Since 1993, NRRI has acted as a clearing house for Minnesota Peat Association activities, provided administrative support, conducts peat product development research, and addresses environmental issues related to peat development. For more information, click here.



For a complete list of puplications by the NRRI Peat Resources & Wetland Rehabilitation Research Group, click here.